About Us

With over 60 years of saddle making and Equestrian industry, the team at Winners Circle have learnt a thing or two about what we believe makes a great saddle for you and your horse. We have taken those years of experience and expertise to design a range of bespoke saddles that are both modern and customisable. The highly skilled team form an integral part here at Winners Circle, creating all of our saddles by hand.
Jason Copeland: Coming from generations of saddle makers and One of the Co - Founders of Winners Circle. Upon leaving school his career started at County Saddles before transferring to Ideal. Striving to create his own business Jason became a partner of C & J Saddles and later taking over the company, it was there Jason met John Peace and later founded Winners Circle UK. Jason specialises in design and development of the saddles which balances perfectly with John's expertise of saddle fitting. Now exporting to 10 different countries around the world Winners Circle UK has experienced massive growth over the past 2 years working closely with retailers and independent saddle fitters to design and develop the saddles they require. It is that attention to our customers needs that has put us where we are today.
John Peace: One of Winners Circles Co-Founders, John Peace is a full qualified Master Saddlers Saddle Maker, with over 40 years’ experience working at some of the country’s most renowned and prestigious saddle making companies. John has a solid grounding in the industry, with 5 full years as an apprentice working in Walsall- the heart of the saddle and leather making industry, followed by 40 years as a fully qualified saddle craftsman. Over this time, John has also developed his business acumen alongside his natural talent and flair for crafting world-class saddles. Following the sad decline of Barnsby Saddle Makers, John has Co-Founded a new company, Winners Circle, which is focused on providing the very best in quality and precision to its customers. John’s experience and expertise in the industry is integral to the success of Winners Circle, and the ability to combine this knowledge with a willingness to adapt to the latest technological developments in the industry, is what really sets Winners Circle apart from the competition.
Karen Davies: Machining for over 27 years, her career began within the horse bridle industry and as her experience grew so did her responsibilities within the bridle industry. Looking for a new and exciting career path she transitioned into saddlery and now produces some of the finest saddles here at Winners Circle.